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About Us

Print-Rite (A&J) Limited, (“A&J”) is the distributor of printer consumables and has been supplying products under the PRINT-RITE brand (www.print-rite.com) in Hong Kong and Macao for more than 30 years.

Founded in 1981, Print-Rite has a distinguished history of offering premium printer consumables to local business partners, wholesalers and sales distributors and end users. A&J also strives to provide its customers with the most convenience after sales services such that they will be able to enjoy top-quality printing as well as the most economical cost.

  QC0800000 (an internationally recognized product safety certification)
In 2009, the PRINT-RITE group’s flagship factory – ZhuHai PRINT-RITE Unicorn – is the first compatible imaging supplies factory to receive the QC080000 certification. PRINT-RITE is a socially responsible organization: We will proactively monitor our entire production process in order to reduce the toxic waste generated by our factory to the lowest possible level. The gaining of the internationally respected certification will let our customers understand that PRINT-RITE compatible imaging supplies produced in China have all reached the international safety standard.

  ISO 9001 (an international recognized quality management standards)
PRINT-RITE was awarded the ISO 9001 certification in 1998. This certified that our products are produced under well-managed systems, which should give our customers better confidence in PRINT-RITE products.

  ISO 14001 (an internationally recognized environmental management standards)
PRINT-RITE was awarded this certification in 2004, which confirmed that our production procedures have complied with the relevant environmental protection rules and regulations. Through this continuous promotion of environmental management, our customers can be assured that they are supporting the cause of environmental protection whenever they use PRINT-RITE products.

  GREEN LABEL (is Hong Kong recognized environmental friendly product certification)
PRINT-RITE’s PRO-ECO remanufactured laser toner cartridge has been certified with GREEN LABEL. PRINT-RITE is the first aftermarket printer consumables manufacturer to be awarded with this certification. It recognized that our product has compliance with environmental friendly principle.