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Color: 6C
Support Models: LMD108U, LMD170I, LMD178G

Low Temperature Filaments for 3D PEN

Product Feature

• 3D pen refill package- low temperature filament. Competitive price.
• Variety of colors to choose and unlimited color combinations.
• Low temperature melting filament, safe and reliable.
• Stable performance and easy to shape
• Produced 3D object can be reshape after putting in 50°C water for 5 sec, save money and effort.
• Environmental Friendly, passed RoHs and REACH testing.
• Widely used in many fields. Such as: art creative, crafts, personal DIY, school education, cartoon toys.etc

Set B is a package with 30m of LT filament with 6 colours (Blakc, White, Pink, Orange, Purple, Light Blue (5m each))

It supports CoLiDo 3D PEN LT only.